There seems a common consensus that last year wasn’t a classic for music and there is an element of truth in that although some great albums were released, examples of which can be found here. It would seem though that 2013 is already shaping up very nicely.

New albums from Steve Mason, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Kid Canaveral, The Phoenix Foundation, The Pictish TrailKurt Vile and Veronica Falls are most welcome indeed. Add to that the Mogwai soundtrack for Les Revenants and the Townes Van Zandt unheard studio sessions and demos compilation Sunshine Boy and things are looking decidely rosy. The fact that Deerhunter, The Pastels and Camera Obscura are also releasing new albums later in the the year means it’s cause for a celebration of sorts, perhaps involving record players and alcohol but that’s up to the individual. Here is a small sample of what is out there –