In this section you can see some examples of the short films I have made and been involved with coupled with some background information on the productions. I have tried to incorporate a cross section to include elements of fiction, comedy, music and diy filmmaking to help illustrate how filmic ideas can develop and evolve.

The 3 Minute Chat Show

Recently I found myself wondering if it was possible to create a chat show which while containing the traditional elements of the format, could be done in a far shorter time, literary just a few minutes. As it turns out, it is possible. Hosted by myself and featuring Miles Jupp, David Reed from The Penny Dreadfuls and music from Allo Darlin’ here is the finished product. I hope you enjoy it and remember, why do something in 30 minutes that you can do in 3.

Written and Produced by Douglas Anderson

URL – Vimeo


Timber! is a short film I wrote, directed and acted in. The film is a comedic look at loneliness and in particular one mans quest to understand and find love. Aside from myself it features the talents of Miles Jupp, Emily Bevan and other most splendid thespians. I was grateful to assemble a great crew and group of actors especially as I couldn’t pay any of them. I did keep them in food and drink though and would advise anyone who needs to keep a crew fed and watered on a limited budget to seek out as many 3 for 2 pizza deals at the local supermarket as possible. They are always devoured.

Written and Directed by: Douglas Anderson
URL: Vimeo

Belle & Sebastian Write About Love

Belle & Sebastian Write About Love is something of an amalgam between a film and television show. I was asked by the band to play the dual roles of host and their stressed out yet pragmatic manager which were interspersed with performances of songs from the new album. This was something I was happy to do although I’m still two characters short of Sellers’s four in Dr Strangelove. It helped that I’m a huge fan of the band and when one is asked personally to work with a group of musicians you hold in high esteem, it’s something of an honour. The superb production and direction are courtesy of Blair Young and Beth Allan at The Forest Of Black. The image here is taken from¬† Belle & Sebastian Write About Love Flickr site.¬† The band asked fans to contribute photos on the theme of writing about love and this image is courtesy of Jose Pablo Bonilla from Costa Rica and features Elisa, Mercedes and Aby. Enjoy the show.

URL: YouTube
Flick image: Jose Pablo Bonilla

The Skills of Conversation

THE SKILLS OF CONVERSATION is a self help guide to aid verbal and non-verbal communication in an increasingly technologically obsessed world. I have always been interested in the minutia of human behavior and saw this as an opportunity to give the public a service, whether they knew they needed or not.

Due to the frenetic nature of modern life I identified that many lack confidence on how to interact with others and in particular how to converse with as much skill and purpose as possible. In this episode we look at a particular technique which can prove very useful in social situations – The Heartburn Pause.

Writer: Douglas Anderson
URL: YouTube

Colombo & Coffee

Columbo and Coffee is the result of when songwriting, tv detective fandom and diy filmmaking collide. The song was written by myself and my friend Milo McLaughlin and came out of a conversation we once had over a beer one Saturday afternoon in Edinburgh. We discovered that along with the film Condorman and The Larry Sanders Show, we were ardent fans of the TV show Columbo. As a result we wrote and recorded a song which is partly about a typical Columbo storyline and part documentation of having nothing better to do than put the kettle on and watch an episode. Shortly after completing the track we made some masks, bought two second-hand raincoats and hired an SVHS camera which even then was out of date but sufficient to our needs. Thus, the resulting video to accompany the track was shot on a budget smaller than an ants left testicle. We liked the results though and saw it as a worthy yet cost effective tribute to our favourite detective.

Writer: Douglas Anderson | Milo McLaughlin
URL: YouTube