Never Save a Good Idea

Douglas is a broadcaster, writer, feature film music advisor, and film-maker with over two decades experience on TV and radio. He has also worked in the real world. 
Never Save a Good Idea explores how to pursue creative projects while making a living in whatever way you can (sometimes with surprisingly satisfying results). 

Left Of The Mainstream: From DIY Film-maker To Public Service Broadcaster

Part memoir and part DIY guide to filmmaking and broadcasting. A book that is as funny as it’s insightful, as honest as it’s helpful. Musicians, film stars, directors, broadcasters and even the President of the USA, he’s met or worked with them all and they’re all in here.

What To Talk About When There’s Nothing To Talk About

Finally, a book to help those who struggle to have anything to talk about at social events such as dinner parties where conversation is imperative. Thankfully, Douglas has donated his opinions and standpoints to help those in need to go forth and socialise.