So here it is, my short film Timber! As has been previously described, it’s a comedic look at loneliness and in particular one mans quest to understand and find love. The initial idea to write on such a universal topic came to me when I suddenly realised a lot of my friends had met the love of their lives and were very happy about it. It got me thinking that as much as it’s a great thing to see your friends in such a rapturous state, it can lead to some insular soul searching from those who have yet to become so lucky and all the time wondering “When will it be my bloody turn?”

Anyway, it seemed an area rich in viewpoints and humour so I wrote the script. I then assembled a great crew and bunch of actors including Miles Jupp, Emily Bevan and other lovely thesps. For those who have seen it there appears to be a fair amount empathy, certain scenes really strike a chord, or so I’ve been told. I think what it does show is that it’s possible to write a short with a beginning, a middle and in end in under ten minutes with a few laughs along the way. Enjoy the movie, hopefully it will raise a smile or three.