I’m sitting in Swiss Cottage library, the best library in the borough of Camden in my opinion, typing on my lap top and listening to the Withered Hand album Good News. I have an ever so slight hangover after trying to help a friend come to terms with the end of their relationship via the use of lager and whisky. I also tried to impart some advice although I’m not sure if I’m best qualified to do so. I’m very close to the travel section and it makes me wish I was somewhere else in the world and that when I was in New York recently, I had stayed there for longer. I did contemplate staying out there for longer but in the end decided to return at the same time as my friends I had gone there with. I wouldn’t have minded a few days there on my own, it would have given me the chance to live out some Holden Caulfield style fantasy. The picture is of me getting in to the taxi to take us to JFK and back to the UK. I quite like the photo, I just wish I hadn’t got in the cab so soon. Whilst on the subject of NYC and with an urge to maintain a public service, here is part 1 of a documentary on the birth of hip hop in the Bronx.