I’m pleased to say The Public Service Broadcast Series 3 is now available to listen to in its entirety. Featuring the best in new music, musical conversations with amongst others Idris Elba, Frankie Boyle, Stephen Mangan and Steve Mason, the lost art of the b-side, strange TV appearances by musicians, famous bass players popping in to your living room by surprise, humour, chatter, undiscovered classics, unsung heroes, giving career advice to pop stars, best late night songs, film and television soundtracks and the films and tv shows themeselves such as Twin Peaks, The Taking Of Pelham 123, Mad Men and Soho At Dawn, badly advertised guitar pedals, unfairly derided musicians, how not to fear opera or jazz, the problem of musicians turning to acting, soundbites from the great and good of music and much more. Just click here to listen or hit play on the episodes below. I hope you enjoy, it was a pleasure making them.

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