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I’m very pleased to announce that the audio book of What To Talk About When There’s Nothing To Talk About is now available as a free download courtesy of the good people over at SoundCloud.

If you have ever wondered why some women still insist on walking around in shoes with the scuffed price sticker still on the sole, why the word ‘football’ should never be abbreviated to ‘footy’ or how it is almost impossible to be spontaneous in modern society then this is the audio book for you. If you haven’t, it may well be time to do so. It is also hoped that the opinions and standpoints contained may help those who find they have little to talk about at social events such as dinner parties or other functions where conversation is an imperative.

The book was expertly recorded by award winning sound recordist and mixer Stevie Haywood (Berberian Sound Studio, Dead Man’s Shoes, Stones In Exile) and after some cogitation and deliberation, the role of narrator went to myself. All one can say now is please do enjoy, go forth and socialise…

Click here to download What To Talk About When There’s Nothing To Talk About.

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