To Tattoo Or Not To Tattoo?

Snapshot tattoo

I’ve yet to see a tattoo on anyone’s body that’s convinced me to get one myself. I’m not against them as such – some of my very best friends have them – but they just aren’t for me. I can’t help thinking that they’re also not for some people who already have them either. Some of the sights on show, more so in the warmer months when clothing layers are discarded, are quite distressing.

I’ve witnessed some sights including one chap with the word ‘Lucky’ emblazoned down the left side of his neck, which was quite ironic really as he had the definite air of someone who had suffered a lot of misfortune. Then there was a lady who seemed to have nothing more than a smudge on her shoulder. It would have been mistaken for a birth mark had the shape not been so obviously ink based.

I’m equally confused about another woman I once saw who had a very small celtic cross on the back of her neck. Many seem to favour a back of the neck inking but if you’re going to spend money on a tattoo surely you want it to be in a place that doesn’t require two mirrors and some painstaking contortion in order to see the thing?

Just as once it was commonplace for people to get their ears pierced without public outcry, the tattoo is now ubiquitous, so much so that those without one can quite possibly be afforded the kind of minority status once reserved for those with a tattoo. It’s a topsy-turvy world right enough.

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