Unexpected Male Bare Foot Touch

There are many things that can make a man feel uncomfortable such as tight underwear or an unsuitable girlfriend hinting at marriage, but the unexpected bare foot touch of another male is perhaps the least talked about, yet potentially one of the most disagreeable.

These are two body parts which rarely come in to contact with each other compared to say, shoulders, legs or even heads. It doesn’t matter that in the changing rooms the length and breadth of the country, all manner of male body parts are on show, sometimes inches from another chap’s face. The discomfort in this case then, must be down to the surprise element of the meeting of individual body parts which in polite society have seemingly no place in colliding. It certainly isn’t a customary shake of the hands.

One instance when it can happen is when two men are watching television, in a warm room with both sets of feet up on the table. Due to the heat all footwear has been dispensed with. Due to the entertainment being so engrossing both are unaware of how close their feet are getting to each other and before long – wham! The unexpected male bare foot touch.

If it was a case of two women in the same situation it would probably be laughed off in an instant and forgotten about. For men however, a lingering uncomfortable feeling remains with it unclear if the best course of action is to make light of the situation or move on without mentioning it. Common sense dictates that mentioning it and at least attempting to move on is the best course of action.

To avoid any of this, it’s highly recommended that even in the highest of temperatures or whilst watching the most engrossing film or entertaining sporting fixture, both parties wear at least a pair of plimsoles but more preferably, jackboots.

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