Strange Clothing Choices At The Gym

Whilst many waste money on gym membership by not attending regularly, there is much value for money to be had if one is in regular attendance at those run by local councils. These have improved hugely in recent years due to some much needed financial investment and cater for a great cross-section of the community.

However, at council run gyms more so than private ones, some of the “sports” clothing on show is baffling. I have seen on more than one occasion men wearing the customary shorts and trainers but up top instead of the logical choice of t-shirt they have a short sleeved dress shirt, the kind you would wear in an office.

If you can afford a gym membership, you can surely afford a t-shirt as well?  Probably get three for a fiver in Matalan. Moreover, if you already have two out of the three necessary sports garments then surely you would just buy the other and complete the set? This is seemingly not the case.

I’m still in awe of one older gent who went for a checkered dress shirt, jogging bottoms and braces. Braces attached to jogging bottoms. I had never before seen such a sight but had great respect for a man who could not give a toss what others thought of him. You really did have to admire his balls, which wasn’t difficult as the jogging bottoms were particularly tight.

There are far too many who buy all the fancy gear, go twice to the gym in the space of a week and never return despite vowing to do so ‘one day’. It remains to be clarified whether it was the sight of an older man in jogging bottoms and braces that scared them off.

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