Keep The Cinema Lights Low


There is a course of action employed by the large cinema chains which is rather distressing to anyone who values the arts. In multiplexes all over the country, the second the closing credits of the film begin to roll, the house lights go up. The credits are of course still part of the film and it smacks of philistinism.

Furthermore, this overly premature light enhancement simply isn’t helpful. If the film you are watching has an emotional ending you need time to compose yourself as opposed to being thrust back in to the real world with a jolt. At the very least it’s humorous watching people fall over in the dark.

You have to wonder why they want to get rid of people so quickly as surely they need the bodies on seats. It’s common knowledge that the big cinema chains are losing so much money due to online piracy that not enough people are turning up and as a direct consequence in the UK at least, a trip to the pictures has become ever more costly as opposed to say, in France where tickets are markedly cheaper.

It can feel as if British cinema multiplexes are some kind of filmic abattoir minus the bloody carnage. The minute one herd are done with it’s time for the next lot to enter in readiness for the consumption of oversized drinks and overpriced popcorn. Surely a few minutes more darkness isn’t asking too much? Especially when you have already paid for the privilege.

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