Grown Men Who Don’t Own A Suit

The law of averages dictates that from time to time you will have to attend some formal occasions. Whether it be a wedding, funeral, work function or dinner party, a man should always have at least one suit in the wardrobe ready to wear. A good suit doesn’t have to be terribly expensive and with a selection of shirts and ties can be used for a variety of events.

It is astonishing though just how many grown men still don’t own a suit if the hotchpotch of jackets, trousers, shirts and footwear seen at weddings is anything to go by. These are seemingly thrown together in to an amalgam vaguely resembling smart dress but never as smart as a suit. It’s worth stating that many of these guys do not lack intellect. They may be bilingual or have honours degrees and not just from the places that were upgraded from polytechnics a few years back. However, that doesn’t stop them lacking a basic knowledge in the finer aspects of tailoring.

Sadly there are also those who despite owning a suit, have no idea how to treat it. One tribe in particular who need a dressing down before smartening up are the ‘trainer brigade’. These are the blokes who wear a sports shoe, often a Converse All Star, with a suit and no tie thinking it looks “funky” or “left-field”. It doesn’t, it looks scruffy and lazy. Mercifully, the fact that they have a suit means there is still a possibility they can be saved.

Alas, there are also those who although owning a suit, show it no respect. I once witnessed a man arrive at a hotel prior to a wedding the following day with his suit crumpled up in a plastic bag, in the hope the hotel would dry clean it for him. Shame on him. We can only hope he doesn’t have a pet. Perhaps the most lamentable sect are the panic shoppers, who wait until the day before a smart function to attempt to buy a suit and as the clock ticks down, more often than not end up buying an ill-fitting or simply inadequate suit due to time constraints. Such a shoddy outcome is simply unbefitting but with some forward thinking can be eradicated. A suit in the wardrobe, waiting until called upon, equals peace of mind. It also affords you sartorial elegance and as a result, the enablement to look down on those who have yet to correct the error of their ways.

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