With the English Premier League title now decided in the most dramatic of fashions, I think I can now reflect on two aspects that were most pleasing. As a neutral, the final day was a most exciting listen as I prepared for the week ahead with the radio blaring and the broadcasters jumping from ground to ground as the destiny of the title seemed to be going to Old Trafford until the very last minute of the the very last day of the season. This late, unexpected drama got me thinking. For some time now, and in direct correlation with the increasing popularity of the camera phone, there is a tendency not to live in the moment and instead hold a camera and film things in the hope that a “moment” might happen and will be caught on camera for prosperity . Due to the fact that the drama played out at Manchester City yesterday was so last minute and unprecedented, I imagine that very few in the stadium were sitting with their camera phones rolling in expectation that City would score two injury time goals and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. As a consequence, everyone was watching events develop with their own eyes and emotions as opposed to through a viewfinder. This is refreshing as it seems that at football matches these days the minute a corner is awarded, 2-3 thousand people seem to see this as a cue to get their camera out and take a picture of a player taking a corner which statistically, has a 1 in 100 chance of leading to a goal. It’s not dissimilar at gigs when it appears that some attending are only there in order to rush home after the encore and upload their footage on to youtube. I can’t criticise that too much, I’ve watched a lot of gig footage on youtube but I shall leave my “Top Ten Youtube Gig Moments” for another day. The other aspect I found most enjoyable was a the commentary of City’s winning goal by an Argentinean commentator who after the obligatory “Gooooooooooaaaal” decided that the addition of an Aguero song was a good idea, I cannot disagree. Good on that man. You can enjoy it below.