The current series of Mad Men recently saw Don Draper go to a Rolling Stones concert in an attempt to sign up the band for a Heinz commercial, the idea being the band would re-record Time Is On My Side as Heinz Is On My Side and no doubt sell a lot of beans. Regardless of the fact that in real life the band never did record such a ditty, the concert in Forest Hills, Queens, did take place at the time of the latest series of Mad Men being set. Brilliantly, there are some photos of the show comprising the band playing, girls screaming and police no doubt wondering why this is all happening on their watch. The photos can be seen here courtesy of The Gothamist. This would have been around the time of the album Aftermath, when Brian Jones was playing a multitude of instruments on stage and in studio, Altamont was three years away and the prospect of The Rolling Stones’ music being used in advertising campaigns for amongst others Bleu De Chanel and Microsoft still some way off.

Image – The Gothamist