I got home at 11.30 last night after a meal with friends, read a bit of my book and drifted off to sleep listening to Radio 4 which turns in to the World Service throughout the night. I then had a dream I was in my freshers week at Cambridge University where my room mate was French actor Jean Reno. I then spent some time in the student union where I spoke to a fellow fresher who was once in the parachute regiment and was still wearing his parachute. He was from Yorkshire and we bonded due to us both having “regional” accents. I then ate some of the  free cakes on offer. Shortly after I had a chat with my lecturer who was the American actor William Hurt and was introduced to Natascha McElhone whom I went on a date with and showed her a stadium I once saw The Rolling Stones perform in. I then returned to my room where my bed was a very long settee and the desks were overturned wardrobes.

I will have Radio 4 on again tonight in the hope I continue the dream by celebrating a first in English Lit with fellow graduates Chevy Chase, Gerard Depardieu and Rhea Perlman whilst planning my forthcoming wedding to Natascha. Either that or I will wake with an increased knowledge of the state of the shipping lanes near Malin Head and Cromarty.