I know that cricket isn’t a particularly popular sport in the country of my birth but since spending last years Ashes filming with the England team I am certainly a convert to the game. I also must give some credit to my friend and cricket fanatic Miles Jupp who took me to my first test match at Lords in 2006. It really is one of the great sporting spectacles although due to time differences, not the easiest to follow if you like your shut eye. I spent last night falling in and out of sleep listening to Test Match Special and was most pleased to find out that England had secured a draw, something that seemed highly unlikely just 24 hours before, at about 5.30am. I do like listening to sports events from the other side of the world where the weather is somewhat more forgiving than that currently sweeping the British Isles. I would dearly love to be at the first day of the Melbourne test on Boxing Day having taken a tour of the MCG a couple of days ago but alas, I will be in Edinburgh where the cricket chat amongst friends will be at a minimum but it will mean I get to natter about the Hibs to some who are interested. There is a splendid book written by A.G. Macdonell in 1933 called England, their England which takes an affectionate yet comic look at the English upper classes from the perspective of a Scotsman. In one chapter there is a superbly detailed examination of a game of village cricket and was something I read with particular interest before filming with the England team. The book is really worth the read especially if like me, you are a Scot living in England. Anyway, thoughts turn to the next test in Adelaide, my bed and a radio.