The argument that Americans don’t get satire has been all but quashed by the work of Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher to name but three. In fact, as has been widely documented, their satire has segued in to the voice of reason on many occasions which can only be a good thing. Regardless of an individuals political leanings, especially in America with the mid term elections in full swing, it’s good to know all can be heard. For every idiosyncratic outburst by Tea Party favourite Christine O’Donnell such as those found here you can be sure there is a ready riposte from others although that would seem superfluous as she has a tendency to shoot herself in the foot. Such an example can be found here where she appears completely oblivious to the meaning of the first amendment in her countries own constitution.

Aside from this, there is still one satirist/comedian who has never received the acclaim he deserves in this country at least and it’s the Australian comedian Shaun Micallef. I used to watch his show on Paramount years ago and marveled at his work. It was with quite some surprise that even when I visited Australia, many seemed to be in the dark about the man and his work. So, in an attempt to readdress the balance here are a couple of examples of his work. I hope you enjoy them, he is an extremely talented chap and probably has at least a basic knowledge of the Australian Constitution as well.