We are careering towards the middle of the year quicker than I had expected so I thought it high time to pop in with a couple of book recommendations for anyone in need of some new reading material. The first is Ask The Dust by one of my favourite writers John Fante. It’s one of four novels which comprise the Bandini Quartet which all centre on various stages in the life of protagonist Arturo Bandini. In the opinion of most fans of his work Ask The Dust is the best of the four although all are worth reading. One person who certainly thought so was Charles Bukowski who once claimed “Written of and from the gut and heart… Fante was my god”.

The second is Nick Kent‘s tremendous Apathy For The Devil:A 1970’s Memoir. Suffice to say, if you are in any way interested in some of the greatest music ever made, journalism, drug debauchery and redemption then this is a book well worth reading. One of the strengths is Kent’s honest writing and recollection. As much as I enjoyed his selected writings in The Dark Stuff, I enjoyed this more which is in no small measure down to the anecdotes contained which have the perfect mix of wit and candour.

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