There are many subjects I enjoy writing about with the majority falling in to the category of culture or pop culture. I have some broad tastes but also a good few esoteric ones and this is a place for me to write about both. Broadly, the subject matter covers people, music, films and literature I both admire and appreciate.

I have put a few up and intend to keep adding more. It’s a bit like writing on the subjects I have conversations with friends about in the pub but with less swearing and beer spillage.

2013 Albums Of The Year and Podcast

This has been something of an annus mirabilis for the album and as a result, as opposed to the usual first eleven, this year it is a top 25 plus the best re-releases. As a new addition, I have also compiled a podcast featuring some of the finest of this years music which can be […]

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The Relevant Bob Lind

Bob Lind is popular with a large cross section of music fans if the audience for his first London gig in 5 years is anything to go by. The Slaughtered Lamb in Farringdon plays host to youngish hipsters at the front, a fair smattering of the original sixties fan base at the back and an […]

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The Album and Me – A Love Story Set To Music

On more than one occasion I have gone out to buy an album but come home with three, sometimes without the one I had initially intended to buy. I love shopping for them, trailing around record shops, looking at the cover and tracklisting on the way home and finally playing it. I also tend to […]

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2012 Albums Of The Year

If there was to be an award for best album liner notes of 2012 then it would surely be won by one of my favourite songwriters Bob Lind. On the album Finding You Again, his first since 1971′s Since There Were Circles there is a short essay and the usual lyric sheet but also a […]

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The Casting Process: An Occasional Series Part 2

Preface I have quite a few friends who are professional actors and even the ones who are seemingly very successful are still going up for auditions whether they be for television shows, plays or commercials. It seems to be the case that unless you are Hollywood A-list, you still have to prove your worth via […]

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