About Dougie

Douglas Anderson is a broadcaster, writer and filmmaker based in London. He attained his first job in television by sending a short film he had written and directed entitled ‘Getting Out The House’ to the BBC. He has worked for the BBC, Channel 4 and BAFTA amongst others in genres ranging from music and film to sport and current affairs. This body of work has gained him a reputation as an accomplished, intelligent and witty broadcaster.

Throughout various broadcasting projects, he has interviewed a multitude of actors, directors, musicians and sportspeople in his engaging and humourous style. A keen writer, Dougie has written for the majority of shows he has presented and for BBC books and online, while continuing to pen essays on cultural matters he feels passionate about. An adept live host, aside from hosting various BAFTA functions he has chaired seminars for the British music and sports industries. Furthermore, he has developed ideas for independent television production companies including Tiger Aspect Productions and SO Television Productions. Additionally, he is a voiceover artist having lent his tones to all the main UK channels and the commercial sector.

Whilst having one of his short films to thank for landing a job in television, his television work hasn’t precluded him from continuing to write, direct and act in a series of shorts. This further reflects his passions which aside from film include music, literature and sport. Not just content with listening to it, he has recorded and produced original music for both films and independent musical projects. Moreover, he has run club nights in London, Edinburgh and Glasgow specialising in everything from unheralded classics to indie and electronica. He is an active member of Camden Libraries and enjoys waxing lyrical on all manner of cultural and sporting subjects over a rum and coke in the pub. He is equally happy to do so over a cappuccino if the milk used is skimmed.